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Saturday, December 03, 2005

How to Squeeze Blood From a Turnip

The near monopoly of ConEd electric is helping the rich keep the poor under their thumbs. Oh, I know, they're not the only company doing this. There's also NiCor gas, lending companies, phone companies and more. These companys' behaviors are due to their immoral business practices that have become the norm. Six-figure CEO's across the country are declaring (not even defiantly), "Everyone's doing it."

What am I going on about? Let me tell you. The last two years have been very difficult, financially, for my family, as it has for many others. Vast layoffs and an eroding economy have ensured that. I have always paid my utility bills but, yes, they've been notoriously late almost every month. This week, I received a letter from ConEd saying--well here, I'll just copy it for you:

Deposit Notice:
Until now, we have provided electric service without requiring a deposit.

However, because of late payments a $100.00 deposit is required.

This deposit will be paid in 3 installments with the first and subsequent installments of $33.33. The last and final installment will be in the amount of $33.34. Future bills will reflect these installment amounts.

For Your Information:
Deposits will earn interest at a rate determined by the Illinois Commerce Commission and will be refunded when you have established a satisfactory credit standing.

Of course, the obvious question is, "How am I suppose to pay for this when I can barely pay my regular bill?" Then a second question pops-to-mind, "Are these people idiots?" A third question shouts, "Do they want my family to freeze to death this winter?" A final fourth question ponders, "Are they even human?" If only I could ask that six-figure CEO, perhaps he could clear up the blurred logic his company employs. He'd probably blame my lack of understanding on my proletarian position in life. But I can't get ahold of him, he's busy lounging in front of his fireplace puffing a pipe with his heat blazing so hot that his faithful dog pants profusely at his feet. No, he doesn't even need slippers--for him they're just a fashion statement.


At 4:27 PM, Blogger Mamagiggle said...

my mind is brimming with revenge schemes.
Like strapping the execs to a bicycle powered generator until they work off their own salary equivalent in electricity


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